How to Pick Tennis Trading Opportunities |

Identifying tennis matches where the price is likely to move and identifying the correct direction is key to becoming a successful tennis trader. Many believe that there are trading strategies that can be applied to any tennis match and return long term profits but this really isn’t the case. To make consistent profits you need to have a set of different strategies in your arsenal that can be applied to different situations. Below are some indicators to look out for when assessing potential trades.Under-priced PlayersThe best place to start is to pick out players who are under-priced and trading below what you believe the price should be. If you are right then the market is likely to quickly react during key points and shift the price to where you think it should be. If there are no break point chances and the set progresses the price will in time adjust to your tissue price.Trade at the Lower End of the MarketWherever possible pick out tennis trades at the bottom end of the market (the shorter the better). This is definitely important as you start out as a tennis trader. The reason for this is simple. Trading is all about risk versus reward and at the lower end of the market your initial outlay will be smaller but the upside is massive. This isn’t saying that backing bigger prices has no value, but you need a greater level of assurance that you trade will go your way.Select Players with a Weak ServeA tennis player with a weak serve inevitably means there will be break point chances. In tennis a break point is one of the biggest price movers in the game and is where we as tennis traders make our money.Select Players who are Slow StartersIf you build up your own set of player profiles make a note of those players who start slowly and play a large number of three set matches. To do this look at their previous games and pay attention to the surface they are playing on.Listen for Early NewsIt is amazing how effective this can be! Prior to any tennis trading watch the pre-match build up and look closely at the competing players twitter feeds. You will be surprised how often you pick up early news on a player’s fitness, niggling injuries or even a player feeling under the weather. If you can be one of the first to enter the market you can be one of the first to take your money.There are hundreds of things to look for when picking out tennis trading opportunities. Use the above as the base of your selection criteria and you won’t go far wrong. Tennis trading is all about pre-match preparation. Ensure that you have fully assessed the above before embarking on your tennis trades.

Using Acupuncture to Treat Tinnitus, Tennis Elbow and Other Joint Pain |

Ms. Allen had tinnitus for more than 10 years. She did not have hearing loss, but the ringing (especially in her right ear) was so annoying that she periodically could not fall asleep, which only made her tinnitus worse. She initially came to get acupuncture for left elbow, which she injured after banging into a wall at her office. As she had been playing tennis for over 30 years, she had developed very mild tendonitis on the right side, but her left elbow completely prevented her from playing any intense tennis. She was extremely unhappy without tennis, so she came to me for acupuncture to reduce her elbow pain and continue playing tennis. I told her that if she wanted to continue playing tennis during her recovery period, she needed to come two to three times a week for at least six weeks. The last thing she wanted was to give up playing tennis, so she followed my advice and scheduled acupuncture sessions twice a week for three months.After twelve treatments, the pain and swelling in her left elbow were almost gone. She then asked me for more needles for her tinnitus, despite the fact that she did not like needles. She even hated the sight of the needles being inserted. She was determined to get rid of her ear ringing, so she closed her eyes and let me insert the needles into the sensitive points close to her right ear. After 10 treatments, her tinnitus was 70 percent better. She was amazed by the result. Then, she showed me her right thumb which already had developed arthritis and which she could not straighten. She had chronic pain in her right thumb. I told her that it was possible to reduce her inflammation and swelling in her right thumb, but it would take a long time, maybe a couple of months for the structure to change. She said that she had gotten thumb arthritis within the last couple of years and did not expect to get better within a short period of time. So a longer treatment was OK.I took her pulse and found it was extremely weak. She told me that her pulse had been like this since she was a child. This indicated that her hand circulation was not very good, which was one of the reasons she had developed arthritis on this particular hand. I choose local points on the thumb joint and the points on her feet because the nerves in the hand and feet project to the adjacent brain areas and chronic inflammation can influence neighboring brain cells. This is one of the reasons that Chinese acupuncturists like to use local and remote points. As a Harvard Medical School trained neuroscientist and traditional Chinese acupuncturist, I am able to use my neurological knowledge to explain why and how acupuncture works on her arthritis and tinnitus. We did another 12 treatments. As a result, she started to see her thumb straighten and the swelling almost go away. At the same time, her left and right elbow pain abated and she started to play tennis twice a week. If she played more than that, she knew she would need twice a week acupuncture treatments.Ms. Allen had been coming for acupuncture treatment in my Needham and Boston office for over a year. She had once a week treatments because she wanted to play tennis 2 to 3 times a week. Therefore, she needed regular treatments to reduce inflammation and repair the tendons due to wear and tear. Recently, her right hip started acting up. In order to continue with her tennis competition, she had to take Tylenol before playing. A yearly physical exam at a Boston hospital showed that her liver function was slightly abnormal. She had to cut down her medication to save her liver function, I told her maybe we should also work on her right hip so that she could delay hip replacement. She was thrilled that I could do something for her hip, elbow, thumb and tinnitus at the same time.The X-ray showed that her hip-joint was bone on bone because of wear and tear. I guess when you play tennis, the quick twisting may not be so friendly to the hip-joint. After another 10 acupuncture treatments she was able to stop her Tylenol and play tennis 2 to 4 hours twice a week with minimal pain. Her physician told her she may need to get cortisone shots to reduce the hip-joint inflammation. I told her that combining acupuncture and steroids may allow her to be pain free if she just played tennis once a week. She did stop playing for two weeks after the cortisone shots. Amazingly, she was pain-free even when she went up and down the stairs when she stopped playing tennis. Unfortunately, when she resumed her tennis playing 2 to 3 times a week, the hip pain came back, though at a much lower level. She continues her acupuncture once a week in order to avoid daily pain killers.Initially, she had acupuncture treatments twice a week for three months, then once a week until now, totaling one year duration of treatment. She has no ear ringing for most of the time if she sleeps well. She has no elbow pain and her hip pain does not prevent her from playing tennis three times a week. And most importantly, she is happier than before with better sleep and no longer craves junk food.

Just For Tennis Parents |

If your child just started playing tennis or is playing competitive tennis now, you need to read this article and print it out.There is a lot of misinformation that tennis parents are getting and I hope I can clear that up here today.First misconception,Tennis parents need to spend a lot of money on training for their kids.Not true, I’m living proof.I have played at all levels and my parents only spend a little, if any money, to support me and my career.Here is how they did it.My dad taught me when I was young and then when I developed a passion for the game and showed him I was serious about playing it.They found me a good coach and worked out a good deal with him to train me.”They also set up practice matches for me with other local junior kids,which helped a lot, because we were going to face each other anyway in local tournaments, so why not train with other top ranked juniors in your area.”Another misconception.Your child needs to train at a top academy when they are young.We didn’t and we did okay.This is where all tennis parents need to organize and set up a training schedule with each other and save themselves more money and time.In the US, I hope more tennis parents start doing this.It worked for me and the other local kids in Missouri Valley and it can work for you guys and your local area.Just remember, you don’t need to pay a lot of money for your kid’s tennis career.There are other ways!!Okay we got that out of the way, now let’s come up with a plan for you and your child, that you can get to work on today.Step 1Introduce the game to them and use videos from YouTube to help you in that introduction.Even if you don’t play or are not that good at the game,use this time to get in shape and connect with them better and deepen your relationship with them.You can use the videos, even if they are already competing.YouTube can make any tennis parent look like a great coach!There are some great videos on there!!All tennis parents should be using it more, when helping them with their stroke production and patterns of play.Find a local tennis program that you can afford and stick with them.The end goal is to get them a tennis scholarship and see how far they can take their tennis career, so keep that in mind and make sure that your kid is on the same page with this end goal.Step 2Get together with other local parents and set a training schedule up with them.This will save all of you guys money and your kids will develop faster and be more mentally tough by working out with other top ranked juniors weekly.I have often seen parent and coaches who don’t let their players or kids play against other top ranked juniors.Which doesn’t make sense to me.”If they want to be the best, then they will have to beat the best”.This is one thing that helped me when I was a junior.Step 3Help them create a strong solid team.This should be you and your spouse,the coach and other family members and teachers.Take your time a find a good coach that you can relate to and deal with, also,it doesn’t have to be a top ranked coach!!Fight to get them the best teachers and bring them on board the team!The best coach I ever had, was a local high school coach, who taught history for a highschool.So,don’t believe the hype.Go with your intuition when interviewing a coach and make sure that your child can connect with him/her or don’t hire them.Your team is going to play a vital role in your child’s future success.So, take your time and work with them, to get this right.Everything else, will fall into line after you complete all the above 3 steps.And as you can see too.This shouldn’t cost that much for you guys at all.Wouldn’t you agree?Get creative with this 3 step plan and look for ways to get them free coaching and free press.Last thing, always do your research first, before you make a decision about their future.Hope that helps you guys and I wish you and your child the best of luck!!Stay positive and anything is possible!!